It leaves you feeling blue

Sep 28, 2012, 11:35 IST | Tanveer bookwala

It's best to leave this restaurant as a last-resort option while at Juhu. With better themes and cuisines to choose from Blue Salt has plenty to rethink, apart from it's unique salt that is

According to the menu, Blue salt has an interesting quality, in that it comes as a strong flavour but almost immediately becomes mild leaving a subtle and milder taste.’

Thus, the restaurant promises that they add blue salt in all their dishes so that we can taste the difference. We are all set to find out. The blue tinge to the dim lighting in the restaurant makes it seem that we have entered an underwater place. The dull grey chairs and tables enhance the feeling.

The Chicken Cheese Chilli Toast (Rs 185) was great as the toast melts in the mouth

The bar in the corner looked well stocked and is the brightest spot in the restaurant thanks to the extra blue lights overhead that gives the place a slightly seedy feel. Unlike a lot of places, we did not compete with the music to make ourselves heard. And, it was a welcome change to hear some soft rock music, which set the feet tapping. A TV placed on the wall played the mandatory sports channel on mute.

The physically large menus were placed in front of us and we had a variety of drinks and finger food to choose from. We started with a Piña colada (Rs 375), which was rather disappointing. The coconut flavour overpowered the drink leaving us wondering if any other ingredient was even added. The Sex on the Beach (Rs 385) is worse. It definitely did not live up to its name. The synthetic taste and the bitterness of the piece of sweet lime added make for some bad sex on the beach.

Hoping for a better experience in food the Chicken Cheese Chilly Toast (Rs 185) arrived. And one bite later, we know we have a winner. The toast melts in the mouth and the combination of the chicken and cheese is just the right proportion with the right amount of chillies added.

The Cheese Cornballs (Rs 155) were served next. The dish was average considering the slight dryness of the cornballs making it lacklustre and tasteless. Our final dish for the evening was a Mini Meal (Rs 185), which consisted of rice and an option of choosing a variety of chicken preparations. We settled for the garlic chicken. Apart from mixing up our order the chicken was a sweet fried version — a far cry from what it should have been, which made us decide to forgo on the dessert.

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