It's a movie with three of the greatest action stars: Jason Statham

Aug 23, 2012, 08:55 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Jason Statham loves the films he gets to do. "They're all action driven and I've always been a very active kid. It's a lot of fun for me," he says.

The Transporter star, who’s all set to star in the sequel of a Hollywood film which sees a number of action veterans, says he’s excited because, “if you like action movies they pulled every rabbit out of the hat, they’ve got the full line up and it’s a good one.” Jason, who prefers doing his own stunts, spoke to CS about bonding with the actors he’s admired for so long and his love for action-roles:

Jason Statham

Bonding time
These people I’ve admired for decades, ever since the first Rocky I saw years ago. Each equal in their own right, they’ve got such a massive, great body of work. On the set, they’re very charismatic and they wouldn’t do anything but want you to feel at ease. They don’t try to intimidate, they’re happy you like their films.

Getting into training mode
Most of the hard work gets done before you go to whatever the country you’re going to be filming in. Then you start training, but what you do while you are there is sort of maintenance. The change in this one is that in the first one, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis just had a cameo. They just had (to be on set) for one day. Now they have a real part in the movie. I think there’s a big difference there, because now it’s not just a couple of cameos but this is now a big movie with three of the greatest action stars who have ever lived.

Choosing roles
What is most important is the director and the script and the story. I’m not just going to hop on a plane and go anywhere, even Hollywood. I wouldn’t turn up to do a job just because it was here. The glove has to fit the hand. So, I would never turn my nose up at anything. 

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