It's my dream to sing in all Indian languages: Yo Yo Honey Singh

Jun 17, 2013, 09:02 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Sensational and controversial these are the two words that have used most frequently to describe rapper, singer and music producer Yo Yo Honey Singh in recent times.

But the 29-year-old Trinity graduate calls himself an artist and romantic. "I can also be obstinate at times," says Singh, who made headlines early this year. In a candid chat with CS, he talks about his new single Bebo, singing in B-town and the real man behind the bad boy image:

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High notes
You can say that Bebo is a bit inspired by Kareena Kapoor. She's got class and grace, and Bebo is her nickname. Talking about Bollywood, I am not choosy about my songs per se. When I get a song, I try to feel it within me, and depending on the kind of reaction it elicits, I decide on whether to go ahead or not. I would love to sing for AR Rahman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Salim Suleiman. Other than Punjabi, I sing a lot in Hindi as well. Last year, I sang a Gujarati song called Achko Machko. It's my dream to sing in all Indian languages.

The bad boy image
Frankly, I was in shock when I first heard that reports of me doing a song like Balatkari were making the rounds. I stayed calm because I hadn’t sung it and had no connection to it. I always believed that all my fans knew me well enough to know that I would not sing something like that. I replied to it legally with several public notices in the newspapers. Things are better as the case is now in court, where I can prove myself right. I respect the Indian judiciary and I know that all those trying to defame me with these false allegations have no proof against me. Finally, I know that my fans and God is with me.

Of guts and glamour
I don't think I have a larger- than- life personality. I know I've been able to strike a chord with my music, but I am striving to better myself every time. I am very connected to my roots. I still remember my early days as a broke musician with no work and no money. At that point, I was very depressed. But somewhere down the line, I strongly believed in my music. That's what kept me going. I like to be myself, irrespective of what people perceive me to be. As a person, I am easy-going, fun- loving and someone who wants to live life to the fullest.

Setting the stage on fire
It was in March, 2013 when Mika paaji and I performed together at Atlantis Beach, Dubai before a crowd of 20,000. I celebrated my birthday on stage. It was such a great feeling to celebrate my birthday with my real family - my fans. I will always cherish that moment. 

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