It's a double whammy for bus commuters in Nerul

Jul 18, 2013, 00:29 IST | Rubina Choudhari

With no passenger shed and several potholes surfacing near the bus stop, passengers boarding buses from London Pilsner bus stop are facing the brunt of the rains

With several potholes making their appearance since the onset of monsoons, commuters boarding buses at the London Pilsner bus stop in Nerul are facing a double whammy -- to add to the craters, there is no passenger shed at the stop.

In a limbo: With the vicinity of the bus stop peppered with potholes and no passenger shed in sight, commuters boarding buses at London Pilsner stop in Nerul are facing inconveniences daily

“The bus stop has no seating arrangements here for the commuters, and if the bus is late then we have to stand for quite some time. This route has always been a busy road and with such huge potholes it could lead to accidents.

Moreover, during the rainy season with the surfacing of potholes, this area is a death trap,” said 20-year-old Nerul resident Animesh Vijay.

Commuters say that it’s hard to locate the bus stop, as there is no sign indicating the presence of one here. “Someone who is new to this locality won’t know that there is a bus stop here, as there is not a single sign.

During the rainy season, commuting from this stop is horrifying since there is no shelter where one can take refuge during the rains. Also, during heavy rains, the road gets flooded and you can’t see the potholes, which could lead to accidents,” said Basit Tole (20), another Nerul resident.

With one half of the road blocked due to ongoing construction work, commuters have to come out onto the roads to board the buses, which obstructs vehicles thereby disrupting traffic movement.

“This bus stop is in a miserable condition. There is no place to sit or stand, and even the bus ride from here is bumpy,” said Maninder Saini (19), a resident of Nerul.  Despite repeated attempts to contact the Chief City Engineer Mohan Dagaonkar, he was unavailable for comment.   

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