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Mar 19, 2014, 10:03 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Painters Bharat Pandya, Halak Pandya Vaidya, and Kartik Pandya will be exhibiting their art together, for the first time in the city 

Enjoy the exhibition by Bharat Pandya and his daughter Halak Pandya Vaidya and son Kartik Pandya that will be held in the city and will be inaugurated by Murli Lahoti, a well-known senior artist. Bharat informs that the the triad will be coming together and exhibiting their works for the first time.

Bharat’s rendition of Radha and Krishna

Bharat Pandya, a noted artist from Gujarat has been contributing to the field since 40 years. He uses acrylic colours and mixed media technique to create the paintings. A distinguishing feature of his paintings is its linear quality and its conception of human form. His sharp feature expresses his creative approach.

Halak is a versatile, talented and promising artist who is especially regarded for her intuitive approach. She is noted to be inspired by the world of imagination, fantasy and dreams. Her paintings are idealisations of human nature, her moods, dreams and reveries.

Kartik’s art work

Kartik Pandya with a few brief strokes of a brush is able to capture the idea of an art in its most basic visual form. Kartik’s paintings do not feature the precision of a subject, but keep a solid focus only on the most necessary, the very elemental qualities of art, be it conceptual bold art forms.

Bharat shares, “There will be 30-35 paintings at the exhibition. The main reason behind this exhibition is to let people see various kinds of works under the same roof. My style of painting is traditional, Kartik paints contemporary and Halak is a abstract painter. The biggest painting in the exhibition will be a 3-4 ft one and smallest around 1.6 ft.”

Till March 25, 11 am to 8 pm
At Darpan Art Gallery, Kala Chhaya Campus, Patrakar Nagar Lane, off SB Road.

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