It's a Rap party!

Nov 11, 2014, 07:36 IST | Rucha Bapat

Brodha V and Bombay Rap Cypher feat. Divine, Enkore, D’evil and Naezy will be performing in Pune. Here's what to look forward to

Mark your calendars as Hip-Hop artist, Brodha v along with Bombay Rap Cypher get set to perform Hip-Hop in Pune. Brodha V shares, "I have been a fan of Hip-Hop music, since I was probably four or five years old."

Brodha V
Brodha V

Brodha V's mettle became undisputed when he was adjudged The King of Rap, South India in an Underground Rap tournament held in 2008. The artiste adds, "Hip-Hop is one of the most popular genres in the world. Every country has its own Hip-Hop culture and community and I'm pretty sure it is so popular only because people understand it."

He feels that Hip-Hop is most apparent in the country when one looks at the B-Boying culture here. "To be able to bring the Rap part in the Hip-Hop culture, we as artists have to do something very different. We have to think of something very creative — both in terms of music and acts or gimmicks. Also, Boom Bap is passé as people have already moved on," informs Brodha V.

This Wednesday night, Brodha V along with Bombay Rap Cypher feat. Divine, Enkore, D'evil and Naezy have something exciting up their sleeves. Head to blueFROG to find out.

On: November 12, 9.30 pm
At: blueFROG, Ishanya Mall, Yerwada.
Call: 40054001/2
Entry: Free

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