'It's Diwali for us'

Published: 22 November, 2012 08:21 IST | A Correspondent |

Additional Commissioner of Police (Mumbai East Region) Ashok Kamte died in action during the 2008 Mumbai attacks when he tried to gain access to Cama hospital, which had been taken hostage by Qasab

Name: Vinita Kamte
Relation: Ashok Kamte’s widow

Additional Commissioner of Police (Mumbai East Region) Ashok Kamte died in action during the 2008 Mumbai attacks when he tried to gain access to Cama hospital, which had been taken hostage by Qasab 
It is a shame that the family of a martyr had to fight to seek the truth, which is the government’s duty. The government failed to understand that all we were doing was trying to fight for the honour of a man who had sacrificed his life for the nation. We are still trying to tie up loose ends about the death of my husband. This is a true blot on our system.

Name: Raju Solanki
Relation: Arkhabai Solanki’s son

Arkhabai Solanki, a sweeper at CST railway station, was killed after terrorists fired indiscriminately at commuters at the station’s concourse.
My mother was 52 years old when she was killed by terrorists while at work at CST railway station. I am happy that Qasab is dead. But I am disappointed that the government couldn’t provide a job to my brother. I was given a job in my mother’s place as a sweeper. But my elder brother is still waiting to find employment.

Name: Eknath Omble
Relation: Tukaram Omble’s brother

Tukaram Omble, an assistant sub-inspector with Mumbai Police, was killed while trying to capture terrorists at Girgaum Chowpatty
I am happy that Qasab has been hanged, even though it happened after a long wait. Since he had committed a very heinous crime, he deserved the rarest of rare punishment. He should have been thrashed and disfigured in public and then hanged. I also believe that the harshest punishment on the earth was not enough for Qasab and his heinous deed.

Name: Buddhabhai Jethabhai Waghela
Relation: Thakur Waghela’s father

Thakur Waghela was shot dead by Qasab after he served the terrorist a glass of water at his front door
He killed my son without any provocation. When I came to know about his death, I felt happy. The government will not understand how eagerly I was waiting for this day. I wanted to see him hanged live. They could have taken me to the place, or should have at least informed me about it.

Name: Colonel (retd) Marutrao Kamte
Relation: Ashok Kamte’s father

After four long years, my son has finally got justice. Good the bas**** got what he deserved, he has finally been hanged to death. I would have shot Qasab if I ever encountered him. But I am happy today as the Indian judiciary has been able to provide my son with justice. Also, Indian democracy has set an example showing that as a country we even provide terrorists with a fair trial. I am proud of my son Ashok, who sacrificed his life in the line of duty. He was an upright officer.

Name: Sunanda Shinde
Relation: Bhagan Shinde’s widow

Bhagan Shinde was shot near GT hospital while he was on duty at the security kiosk
I am very happy. This was a bright day for us, and a Diwali to remember. We will celebrate Diwali in the true sense now. There was happiness in our house and many relatives kept calling and congratulating us, as this was the victory of truth. However, the government delayed the proceedings, as this should have happened much earlier.

Name: Ragini Sharma
Relation: Sushil Kumar Sharma’s widow

A terrorist shot and killed ticket collector Sushil Kumar Sharma after the latter stopped to help a crying girl at CST railway station
It’s Diwali for us. However, while justice has been done, it’s partial, and we expect that the handlers would also be brought to justice. It hurt us seeing Qasab being fed with our money. I am happy that he’s dead. Her son Aditya’s birthday coincides with the day Sushil Kumar was shot dead. After his death, the family had stopped celebrating Aditya’s birthday. However, now as Qasab has been hanged, the family has decided to have a celebration, but not on November 26, and instead according to the ‘tithi’ on Hindu calendar.

Name: Sunanda Narkar
Relation: Bhanu Deu Narkar’s widow

Bhanu Deu Narkar was killed near Cama hospital
I am happy that God finally answered our prayers. After hearing the news, I lit a diya in the temple of my house and thanked God for this. Surely nothing can replace my husband, but I am glad that everyone has got justice as he was executed. There is no limit to my happiness as whatever we wanted, we have achieved today.

Name: Mohammed Salim Sheikh
Relation: Mohammed Umar’s neighbour

Mohammed Umar, a taxi driver, died in an explosion at Vile Parle (E) after two terrorists, whom he had ferried, left a bomb in his cab
The government delayed the execution for too long. They also did not show citizens the hanging moment, when Qasab killed so many people in the open. Umar’s wife Momina resides with her four kids. She got financial help from the government, and is thankful.

Name: Smita Salaskar
Relation: Vijay Salaskar’s widow

Encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar fought till his last breath, and was shot by Qasab
The news came as a surprise, as this was not expected so soon since legal procedures do take time. Our family is satisfied with this execution. I have received many phone calls since morning, some congratulating me, and some to enquire how happy I was. But the real happiness will sink in when the masterminds who planned these attacks are punished. There won’t be a celebration as such because enjoying someone’s death is not something in our values. But the whole family will come together in the evening as Vijay too would have been content with the government’s decision. 

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