It's time for BOKWA!

Sep 03, 2013, 01:58 IST | Ruchika Kher

Try Bokwa, a new intensive and energising workout with the promise to help you burn 1,000 calories in an hour! Ruchika Kher decided to break a sweat over this trippy routine

Memorising alphabets and numbers was an effortless task in school, but we realised that the picture isn’t that rosy anymore when we went for a class to experience Bokwa, a new group cardio workout routine that makes participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while moving together to today’s most
popular music.

The instructor (centre, in blue tee) teaches enthusiasts the Phezulu, a movement that forms part of the Bokwa routine. Pic/ Pradeep Dhivar

Before we entered the session, we were casually informed that a one-hour class of Bokwa, which was developed by a leading Los Angeles-based group fitness instructor Paul Mavi, burns approximately 1,000 calories. We gulped, mentally prepared ourselves for what seemed to be a hardcore intensive workout and finally took the plunge.

The session began with the instructor interacting with his clueless audience, giving them a brief on what this workout routine was all about, teaching us signs, which were essential to remember throughout the session. Starting with the first number — 1, a mix of jumps, kicks and fast leg movements followed, while we made letters like C, L and even a variant called the L Shake.

Fast-paced, chartbuster tracks kept the adrenaline levels high throughout the one-hour session, while we sweated out with a continuous dose of letters and number formation. The workout routine was pacy without too many breaks and tires you out completely by the end of it; plus the music and the rapid change in movement doesn’t let the monotony to set in and makes the routine enjoyable.

The session ended with a calm-down procedure, which brought the heart rate down with a couple of slow, breath-in, breath-out exercises and stretches. Overall, we recommend this workout, not just to health junkies but also to those who want to shed extra kilos in a fun way.

At Arts in Motion Dance Studios, 39 
TV Chidambaran Marg, Sion (E)
Call 9820183231
You pay Rs 2,700 (12 sessions)
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