It's sex! And why are Indians late bloomers

May 25, 2012, 11:36 IST | Agencies

What is it that the Chinese prefer to do in a jacuzzi and the Russians in the woods? It's sex. These are among the findings about the mating habits of people from 27 countries, including India, of a global survey

Indians have been featured for the second time in this annual survey. It says that Indians largely do not practice safe sex. The survey also threw up some interesting information about where Indians turn to for information on sex. It seems they are five times more likely to go to their mothers than to their fathers for information. Here are some more enlightening facts the survey revealed.

*Only 17 per cent of the approximately 500 people from four metropolitan cities who responded to the survey, said they use a condom while engaging in sex with a new partner. The same fugure for the Japanese is 49 per cent. However, seven out of 10 Indians said they are concerned about contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

*Despite India's burgeoning population, Indians are only half as likely to have sex on any given day than Americans. Indians said they had sex 76 times a year, on an average, which pales in comparison to a whopping 124 days in a year for Americans. The Japanese, in comparison, have sex only 36 times a year or about once in ten days.

*It is, therefore, no surprise than only three per cent of Indians said that making love is their most pleasurable activity. Thirty per cent of Indians said work gives them more pleasure.

*Surprisingly, only one per cent of Indians prefer to get information on sex from their father. The survey did not give any specific for this, though it did show that five per cent prefer turn to their mothers when they want to learn more about the birds and the bees.

*Worldwide, mothers are the preferred source of sex information for 19 per cent of the respondents. Only seven per cent say they would ask their fathers for this information.

*So where do most Indians go when they need information on sex? More than half of the respondents put either doctors of friends on top of their list.

*Confirming what we already know - that Indian schools put little emphasis on sex education - the survey revealed that only five per cent of Indians think schools are good places to get a sexual education. Worldwide, schools are the primary source of sex education for 20 per cent of people.

*Indians are also, predictably, far less promiscuous than Americans. The survey showed that Americans have an average of 14.3 sexual partners in a year, while the average Indian shares his or her bed with just three partners. Only the Chinese fare better as far as promiscuity is concerned, with an average of just two partners in a year.

*On an average, Indians have their first sexual experience at the age of 20, a full four years after the average American, while the average age at which a Chinese loses his or her virginity is 22 years. However, this can be attributed to the fact that Chinese usually marry much later than Indians.

*And the sexiest and most romantic place in the world, according to 23 per cent of Indians, is London, though only two per cent of Britons agreed with them.

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