'It shocked me like anything!'

Apr 30, 2012, 08:34 IST | The Hitlist Team

Ameesha Patel narrowly survived an accident during 'Shortcut Romeo' shoot but she's unfazed by the whole experience

Accidents while making a film is not uncommon. Sometimes it involves the crew member and sometimes, the stars themselves. Ameesha Patel was recently a part of one such happenstance. At the time of the reported accident, she was with Neil Nitin Mukesh in a high-rise building on the 30th floor shooting for her upcoming film Shortcut Romeo.

The action sequence they were shooting required height so the setting included lots of props including rods and planks. Unfortunately, one of the planks snapped and crashed down. Before this occurred, both the actors were relaxing on the floor underneath. But as soon as they realised that it was no longer safe, they ran to safety.

Ameesha confirms, “Neil was fidgeting with my cellphone and we were just checking out our Twitter pages when this happened. The plank fell just inches away from us and it shocked me like anything! But thanks to our quick reflexes, we both took to our heels and avoided the worse. We could have been injured but all we got was a terrible scare.”

Ameesha Patel and Neil Nitin Mukesh

She had been busy working with the actor for the past six months and now enjoys a good rapport with him. “Neil is a very friendly guy and fun to work with. He’s not only sweet and well-mannered but also a really good actor.”

On being asked about the character she plays in this particular film, Ameesha informed that it’s a wicked role and she’s enjoying every bit of it. “I’m playing this bitchy, smart, manipulative woman who won’t take things lying down. It’s very different from what I’ve played until now. It was a challenge to play a negative role, in fact.”

The movie is a remake of a Tamil film and is directed by Susi Ganeshan. Ameesha compares the storyline of the movie with a chess game and reveals the plot is full of twists.

She is all praise for the South Indian director too. “He’s excellent at what he does. He’s very well-planned and doesn’t leave anything to chance. And when you’re working with someone like him, it brings a lot of confidence,” adds the actress.  

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