It's a smash!

Feb 22, 2013, 12:30 IST | Hassan M Kamal

A few Angry Birds launched themselves in full throttle at pigs, and soon, smashing objects became a popular pastime. We've picked three new mobile games, which allow you to smash things without bringing to life your inner green giant

Yumby Smash
A fun edition to Yumby Toss, where the Yumbies were constantly looking for cake, Yumby Smash takes the story to the next level with Colonel Crumpet threatening the life of Yumbies with a new weapon called Starve that can suck the food out of the planet Yumby. Now, the Yumbies must battle their way past Gobble Hoards, dangerous traps and towering fortresses and along the way find and smash all the pieces of Starve, to save other Yumbies. What we really liked about the new game is it allows one to create their own levels. The game is very engaging and the graphics, animation and visual effects are great, but unfortunately you get access to only six Yumbies, out of which four are locked. You start with Daze and Jozet, who can fly in any direction as directed by your finger, and smash everything that comes their way. They fly as long as they have energy. You will need more coins to unlock the other Yumbies.

Daze battles his way through hurdles to find and destroy Starve (right)

Price: Free
Available on both Android and iOS platform
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Zombie Smash
Unlike what one may expect from a game that revolves around zombies, Zombie Smash uses a lot of physics-based gameplay. It requires you to guide Joey, a lone survivor, pitted against dead zombies, and smash zombies unless they are un-dead. The fun is in finding new ways to smash the zombies and create maximum splatter. The updated version of the game comes with four different modes, each with their own set of challenges and special weapon upgrades. Not advised for children.


Ant Smasher
Simple, and entertaining, Ant Smasher requires you to smash as many ants as possible. You, however, have to ensure that you don’t end up smashing any bees else it’s game over. The graphics, animation and visual effects are not extra-ordinary but gory enough to make you lose your appetite.

Price Free
Available on both Android and iOS platform
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