'It's a strange and scary experience'

Jun 14, 2012, 08:49 IST | Janhavi Samant

Emma Stone enjoys doing three different things at a time

The last six years have been quite a whirlwind for Emma Stone. Ever since the popularity of Superbad, Zombieland and Crazy, Stupid, Love, the actress’ life has spiralled completely out of control.

“It’s been like a domino effect. Lot of things have changed in my life with my films. You know, the loss of privacy, the paparazzi keeping constant tabs on you right outside your house. It’s a strange and scary experience,” says Emma.

However, the actress realises that it is a price to pay for what she loves doing most. “You spend six months shooting, you get to travel for free and see all the cities around the world,” she smiles.

Now Emma is just priming herself for more of the madness as she awaits the release of her mega-blockbuster The Amazing Spiderman. “I have always wanted to play a character like Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy (in Batman and Robin). She is just so cool. Although as a character Gwen (Stacy) is pretty cool too. It’s exciting to make movies,” she adds.

And she has made quite a few of them. The latest was a cakewalk though. The actress just shot 30 days out of 100 and got to go home every once in a while.

Emma admits herself that she’d go crazy if she wasn’t doing at least three different things in a day. But a few breathers are normal now and then. “I spend time with the people I love. That’s very important. I want to learn more. I am taking some classes. Spanish and biology are subjects I love studying,” she concludes.  

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