It takes two to tipple

Jul 27, 2012, 09:50 IST | Surekha S

Two watering holes � 3 Wise Monkeys and the bar above Yellow Tree Cafe will give patrons in Bandra and Khar enough reason to say "Cheers!" several times over, as Surekha S was to discover

Bar above Yellow Tree Cafe
When we arrived at this bar, we were informed that it isn’t new but had been renovated. Located on the second floor of a building; it will be a favourite with couples. With comfortable cushions (a little high though) and large glass windows overlooking the street, we loved the interiors. A candle in a glass bowl on every table completed the picture. The bookshelves sported a wide range. So, if you visit alone, there’s enough to keep you occupied. We ordered for a Cosmo Of The Cafe (Rs 495), which was listed as a special cocktail on their bar menu.

Cosmo Of The Cafe (Rs 495), was a mix of vodka, lime, cranberry juice, Creme de cassis and red grapes

A combination of vodka, lime, cranberry juice, Crème de cassis and red grapes, this was a delight. The taste of cranberry was sweet in the first few sips, but after a bit the generously portioned vodka and white lime evened the sweetness. The Kir Royale (Rs 395), a delicious mix of sparkling wine and black currant, was a good choice of drink; which will appeal to wine lovers.

Interiors of the bar at Yellow Tree Cafe

Among the few starters that we ordered, the Bacon Wrapped Prawns (Rs 525) was the undisputed winner. Already a fail-proof combination and the way they were served up, they went way above expectations. The bacon was the perfect level of crispness, in that it wrapped around the prawn and did not distract with a crunchy texture. The prawns were soft, well seasoned with lemon and garlic; and served with a lemony dip. The Spicy Hummus and Pita (Rs 225) tasted like how it’s supposed to be. Judging by the ambience and well-made cocktails, it was clear — these guys know their alcohol. Take our word, it could become everyone’s favourite hangout.

3 Wise Monkeys
When you step out of Khar railway station and head towards the right, within a five-minute-walk lies the newly opened 3 Wise Monkeys, very close to where the once-popular WTF stood (we loved that place!). Well, 3 Wise Monkeys, was supposed to be more of a beer place so we decided to head here for a test drive. Though there is a board outside that displays the name, we have to step into Unicontinental Hotel and walk a few steps to enter 3 Wise Monkeys.
With its wood-finished interiors, the ambience was friendly but not as fun and youthful as we would have liked it to be.

The globe seves upto four glasses of draught beer

The music was strictly okay, and the fact that it was housed inside made it impossible for them to have windows that looked outside. We settled in and ordered for a Draught beer mug (Rs 175) and Asahi (Rs 275). A glance at the menu made it clear — the place isn’t expensive. The alcohol and the food are moderately priced and this is sure to bring in the crowds. The draught beer was smooth while the chilled Asahi beer was a dry, crisp beer. It tasted mild and complimented the appetisers, especially the Beer-Fried Potato Wedges (Rs 140). This was the evening’s winner. Served with a delectable garlic mayonnaise dip, the chips are crisp without being oily; well-seasoned, and pulpy on the inside. The American Bowl (Rs 220) was a tad disappointing as were the Jalapeno Poppers that were served inside the bowl.

Interiors of 3 Wise Monkeys

The Tequila Sunrise (Rs 300) was a tall glass of disappointment. The colours, (orange and red) were spot on but it tasted more like orange juice and we kept wondering why the alcohol proportion in it was so low. Our advice, stick to the beer and give the cocktails a miss. Apart from a pitcher, they also offer a globe with a tap that serves Draught beer. Priced at Rs 475, the globe can serve up to four glasses or 1.4 litres of beer. The globes placed on some of the tables add to the décor and so do the barrels (some suspended from the ceiling) in different parts of the room. Large groups would get a kick while drinking their brew from a barrel.

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