It's tough for racquet stringers

Jun 28, 2012, 08:46 IST | Dileep Mehta

There are thousands of people involved behind the scenes at the Wimbledon Championships, often working from sunrise until well past sunset

It is possibly the busiest fortnight for the racquet stringers at Wimbledon. The poor fellows are with the players till the end of day’s play. They are further loaded with homework. 

At peak time, there are 12 stringers working, plus there are three to four runners to get the racquets to the courts from Aorangi Park. The stringers are from all over Europe. Most of them run sports shops at home.

The guts mostly made up of monofilament polyester and copolymers, but things get demanding when top players want
natural gut.

Mostly players demand the racquet to be strung on the morning of the match because there can be a loss of tension overnight.

It is learnt that Rafael Nadal is not very particular about the kind of string, but he does turn up with a lot of racquets to be worked on. At last year’s Wimbledon he had 56 re-strings. 

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