"It was a challenge designing for Vidya Balan"

Jan 24, 2014, 11:56 IST | Ruchika Kher

Stylist Jayati Bose talks about creating the perfect look for the Bollywood actress for different film roles and more in a quick chat

1. Vidya Balan comes with a very strong traditional image, owing to her use of saree as a preferred garb at most times. How tough was it for you to transform that image and mould it into something else?
It was a unique experience and great challenge for me to design Vidya’s character, considering the audience is used to and loves seeing her in sarees. We haven’t seen Vidya in western outfits for a while now. So, the constant pressure of whether or not the audience will love her as much in western clothing was always there. But, since Vidya is an actor who gets involved in the smallest of details of the character she plays, she would let me experiment with various
silhouettes to figure which looks best on her, at the same time keeping in mind her character. We went through several rounds of ideation to freeze on the character she’s playing and I must admit that she never lost patience over the number of trials we did.

Jayati Bose

2. Since Vidya’s body structure is unlike most actresses today, what cuts, styles, colours, etc, did you give her clothes in this film?
Keeping any restrictions in colour palette wasn’t required just because she has a curvaceous body. I just played with warm colours to show the fun side to her character. The colour palette has been from browns to corals, greens and blues. While working on silhouettes, I have given her straight-cuts to A-line outfits, in various lengths.

Of course, I have given her few maxis to bring out the dormant hippiness in her character. I visualised and designed the character not in couture clothes, but fused in flea market and high street brands to achieve the free-spirited vivacious upper-middle class Trisha.

3. How much of a free hand do you get while styling the look of a film? How much does a star involve himself / herself in the styling process?
While working on Shaadi Ke Side Effects, I had absolute freedom on costume designing and styling the characters in the film. Both Farhan and Vidya were great fun to work with because they gave me absolute liberty to create each and every look. They never interfered with my thought process. Of course, they were the ones who would always help me keep the characters rooted.

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