Italian balancing act

Apr 30, 2012, 06:16 IST | Surekha S

Barring the Stuffed Chicken Pizza and a few other dishes, our experience at international chain Sbarro's Chembur outlet left a lot to be desired

For pizza and pasta-loving Chembur residents, the opening of Sbarro, an outlet of an international Italian pizza chain, may have come as a welcome surprise. After all, the suburb is not especially renowned for its Italian cuisine.

The Chicken Sausage and Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza (Rs 159) was very filling

Since it’s situated at a prime location in Chembur, we didn’t have a hard time spotting Sbarro. The bright board outside painted in the colours of the Italian flag looked nice and we were impressed with what we saw as we entered.

The glass case at the entrance had large-sized pizzas on display and right next to it was a small live kitchen where attendants were busy rustling up a quick meal.

As most of the seats on the ground floor were occupied, we headed to the first floor. We seated ourselves comfortably and were waiting for an attendant to take our orders or give us a menu card. When we ventured downstairs to enquire we were told that self-service was the norm there.

The Cheese Cake (Rs 59) was delicious

After taking a good look at the pizzas (which they serve by the slice), we ordered for a Veg Pan Pizza (Rs 89), Chicken Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza (Rs 159) and a New York Cheese Pizza (Rs 59).

We also ordered the Chicken Stromboli (Rs 129) and the Veg Fiesta Penne Pasta (Rs 149), which the attendant made right in front of our eyes. Carrying trays we had to do a balancing act and pass through a narrow flight of stairs to reach our seats.

Then we had to repeat the process for the drinks and dessert as well but we requested the attendant to serve it upstairs instead. We were a bit tired by the time we took our seats and decided to dig in. The pizzas tasted quite nice and though they were single slices, they were quite satiating.

The Veg Pan Pizza had a lot of vegetables including broccoli, spinach and mushrooms and is perfect for the vegetable lovers. The pasta was a tad disappointing.

While making the pasta, the attendant had asked us if we wanted a medium or a spicy pasta and despite asking for medium our pasta was spicy and strangely the sauce was a tad watery as well. The Chicken Stromboli was nicely done and helped elevate our spirits a little.

Noting that even after 15 minutes, our drinks and desserts had failed to arrive, we went to enquire and were told that they had forgotten all about it. When our Cappucino (Rs 65), Iced Tea (Rs 55) and Cheese cake (Rs 59) finally arrived, the coffee was average and so was the iced tea. The cake was the only saving grace.

All in all, Sbarro serves decent fare but we wish they soon start serving dishes on the table as we don’t fancy the trek up and down (calorie losing properties, notwithstanding).

Sbarro didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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