Italian makeover

Aug 22, 2012, 10:38 IST | Ruchika Kher

Shreejee's has an Italian cousin now. Quesso, an all-vegetarian Italian eatery, is trying hard to break away from the image of its desi relative. However, it needs to iron out a few flaws before giving it a run for its money

When we got to know about Quesso, we were unaware of the fact that it’s a joint by Shreejee’s, so when we reached there, everything that followed came as a surprise.

At first, we could see the bold, brightly-lit signage flashing from a glass window on the top floor, but we couldn’t find our way to reach our destination. However, a friendly attendant escorted us right to the place.

Fungi Fritters will be liked by mushroom fans

When we entered, the restaurant was buzzing with families (a good sign for a newly opened restaurant), but we were lucky to find a comfortable, corner table for ourselves. The interiors of Quesso are impressive: All wood, spread out with a striking bar in the middle of the joint. But before you get your hopes high, we want you to know that the bar is only for non-alcoholic drinks (yes, that’s true).

After scanning the interiors, we got down to business and began our food sojourn with two mocktails — Oomph (R155) and Healthy Wealthy (R175). Both made for great presentations, in long, slender glasses and were refreshing to the core.

Healthy Wealthy. Pics/ Nimesh Dave

To give our drinks company, we ordered for a few appetisers. By now we realised that the restaurant serves only vegetarian food. Although the bulk of the dishes are Italian, the menu included a few variants of Mexican, Spanish, French and Lebanese cuisine too.

After a lot of deliberation, we called for Fungi Fritters (Rs 205) and Brocolli and Brie Quiche (Rs 225). Before we could even finish a conversation, the food had arrived; we were impressed. However, when we tasted the Brocolli Quiche our expectations fell flat. The crust was crispier than it should be and the taste was far from satisfying.

Around the same time, the owner came by, to get feedback from customers, but after hearing about the quiche, immediately, he took it back and didn’t charge us for it. However, while the quiche marred our spirits, the Fungi Fritters, boosted them back. The dish, which was basically, mushrooms stuffed with cheese and spinach and then batter fried, looked enticing and was tasty as well.

Without much ado, we decided to order our main course and started dissecting the menu again. Finally, we zeroed in on a Quattro Formaggio Pizza (Rs 425) with toppings comprising jalapeño, sundried tomatoes and onions. Along with that, we ordered for the Fettuccini Rosso Pasta (Rs 275).

The pasta, which was a fusion of the Arabiatta and cream sauces, was a delicious affair. Creamy and scrumptious, the pasta was just what we were looking for, but the pizza was disappointing. The crust was too thin for comfort and the sauce was tasteless.

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