Item girls being used to smuggle in drugs to 31st bashes

Published: Dec 30, 2011, 07:07 IST | Shiva Devnath

Performers at year-end parties are being asked to carry bags, containing party drugs, into the hotels where they are dancing, as they may not have to go through security

Performers at year-end parties are being asked to carry bags, containing party drugs, into the hotels where they are dancing, as they may not have to go through security
With the city police tightening its security net in the run up to the year-end celebrations in the city, the drug mafia has devised a unique strategy to smuggle narcotic substances into parties at five-star hotels across the city. A complaint lodged by a model has revealed that drug smugglers have been roping in item girls who perform at the bashes to become unwitting carriers of the contraband. 

Raising the alarm: Rozlyn Khan alleges that when she refused to
accept the offer extended by the caller, he warned her not to pass on the
information to the police, and threatened her with dire consequences

"In early December, I received a phone call from a man who identified himself as Antony, claiming that he was an organiser for international events. He offered me a private show in a five-star hotel, and was willing to pay me three times my usual fees. Though I was surprised, I agreed to perform," said Khan. She claims that the phone calls were received from several domestic numbers and an international number beginning with the code + 301.

In course of subsequent phone calls as the performance date approached, the caller hiked his fees, offering Khan a steep Rs 12 lakh, raising her suspicion.

"After the first few conversations, the caller informed me that my remuneration would be handed over to me by his Mumbai associate in a travel bag. He said that I would have to carry the bag along with me when I went to perform at the show," added Khan.

When Khan insisted on being told the whole story, the caller disclosed that the bag would contain party drugs, which she would have to smuggle into the venue. The caller explained that it would be easy for her to carry the drugs in unnoticed, as she would get VIP access to the party, and would not be frisked on entry by the security men.

"He informed me that many item girls had agreed to carry out his instructions unwittingly, without asking what the bag concealed. I was furious when I heard of the scheme, and told him not to call me back. He threatened me of dire consequences if I dared to pass on the information to the police. But I felt that it was my responsibility to inform the law enforcers and my colleagues in the fraternity, who may be oblivious of these schemes and suffer," she added.

Khan approached the Oshiwara police station and registered a complaint against the caller under Section 507 of the IPC for criminal intimidation via anonymous communication.

"We have taken the complaint and will probe the matter," said an officer on duty at the Oshiwara police station, on condition of anonymity. 

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