Its family time for Prateik

Sep 26, 2012, 09:09 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Prateik makes a trip to the US to see his aunt receive an award for her services to the society

Prateik has taken off for the US for three weeks. It’s family time for the actor as his aunt Anita Patil Deshmukh is receiving the Public Health Innovator award from the Harvard School of Public Health Alumni Association. The event is being held this weekend in Boston. Anita is his mother Smita Patil’s elder sister.


As Prateik recently wrapped up the dubbing of Manish Tiwary’s film that sees him in an action role, the youngster decided to combine a holiday as well. Says a source, “Prateik is extremely close to his aunts and felt it was a good opportunity to be present for an important moment in her life. His grandparents are also slated to join him for the event.”

Though a neonatologist by profession, Anita now heads a research collective that aims to create debates about urbanisation as well as empower the youth. Formerly based in Chicago, she now spends equal time in India as well as the US. Adds the source, “When Prateik is on a holiday he shuts himself from things happening on the Mumbai front. He feels this is the best way to enjoy the vacation rather than keep abreast of what’s happening back home.” He is slated to be back in Mumbai by mid-October.

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