Jackie Shroff's lessons

Apr 12, 2012, 06:46 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

Actor Jackie Shroff is a busy man. He's been in the news recently for signing a film with Rajnikanth, his first film with the South superstar.

“I am really looking forward to the project,” says Jaggu dada. The veteran actor who has been advising his son, Tiger on the ways of Bollywood, gives a few insights to CS as well:

Who: Jackie Shroff
What: Talks on Bollywood and his idea of style
Where: At a launch event in Pune

I am a parrot
Doing a Tamil film wasn’t difficult for me at all. I generally pick up languages very easily. In fact, I am a parrot. During the shoot of the film, I had a prompter who would prompt me on the sets and I would just repeat what he said. I can understand the emotions that come with the dialogues. Being a Mumbaikar has taught me to speak in an amalgamation of languages. Getting the opportunity to learn different languages is one of the biggest advantages of growing up in a metro city. I can speak Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sindhi and English. So, one can call me a ‘Jack of all languages’.

Skin show is not so sexy
Movies today are a three-day business. There was a time when our hearts would flutter at the sight of ageless beauties like Madhubala and Nargis lowering their eyes in a bashful gesture. Nowadays, with skin show dominating every Bollywood release, the charm of serene sensuality has vanished. The sight of a scantily clad actress is not exciting for people who like a bit of mystery to be associated with a woman. The magic of simplicity has gone forever. Also, the enigma associated with movie stars is diminishing with stars making appearances at every other event to promote their film.

Latest love: A bandhani boot
A bright green bandhani boot with green and yellow dots and mirror-work is the latest addition to my collection. I also love collecting hats and bandanas but my friends always borrow them from me but never return them. Some just bluntly tell me that they want something and take it away.
Just dressing up in hidh end clothes doesn’t really make a person stylish. One can wear the best of clothes, even designer-wear, but if it is not carried off with the right attitude, it can look very disappointing. When it comes to being stylish, don’t copy others, be innovative. Mix and match things and create your very own personal style. That’s what has worked for me all these years.

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