Jacky Shroff's daughter turns producer

Jun 04, 2014, 08:17 IST | Bharati Dubey

Krishna Shroff is co-producing a documentary that takes a close look at the lives of the Hijra community

Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna has turned producer. The young aspiring filmmaker is producing a documentary with friend Reshel Shah Kapoor; the documentary is centred around the transgender community.

Krishna Shroff
Krishna Shroff

Talking about the project, Krishna says, “There have been many documentaries on the same subject but they have been really gritty. Ours, on the other hand, will look at their lives in a positive light.’’

Reshel, who is the director of the film, adds, “Ours film views them not as hijras but as women. This film is based on our friendship with them; we spent 30 days tracing their lives so we are no longer strangers. Over this period of time, we had a number of events lined up such as a CV writing class, a calendar shoot for the organisation they work for, re-designing their offices and a fashion show where they modelled their own creations. We got to know these hijras and understand them as we listened to their hardships. It’s a film that shows them in a positive light.’’

Krishna reveals that they plan to take the documentary to various film festivals. “Post that, we will look at releasing it in cinema halls in India. In any case, we have a long way to go and all this may happen only in 2015,” she says.

However, she intends to take up direction soon. She says, “I will first assist a big filmmaker and then I will direct a film independently.’’

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