Jacqueline Fernandez recalls Easter memories from Sri Lanka

Mar 27, 2016, 08:32 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Jacqueline Fernandez soaks in the Sunday festivities as she recalls Easter memories from Lanka

It's break time on the sets of Jacqueline Fernandez's upcoming comic caper, Housefull 3, at Filmistan Studios. Fernandez steps out in a short hot pink number that celebrates her long legs.

Seeing the Easter goodies laid out, she exclaims, "Hallelujah... it's Easter already?"

The actress says she goes store hopping to check out the detailed decorations, especially on baskets. Pic/ Ajinkya Sawant

The actress has been filming for two other films — Dishoom and A Flying Jatt  – and the schedule has been hectic for the Lankan beauty. During Christmas, she made her co-stars play Secret Santa on the sets of Housefull 3. Now, it is time for coloured eggs, marzipan goodies and little chicks and bunnies laid out in pretty baskets.

Jacqueline with her mother Kim
Jacqueline with her mother Kim

Family time
Sweets are a definite no for the actress, but she does not mind cheating on her diet for a festival. "After Christmas, Easter is celebrated in a big way across the globe and it is no different in Lanka, apart from the fact that some coconut goodies are thrown in. It is a time when the family gets together."

Hot cross buns
Hot cross buns

She can't visit home due to professional commitments, so her mother, Kim, has flown down to be with her. "After attending church, my mom and I will check out the goodies available at local cake shops. More than tucking in, checking out what is available is fun. I simply adore the way the baskets laden with Easter goodies are decorated. And more than the marzipans, I dig the baskets with the yellow chicks on them."

Time to reflect
"Easter is a  time to reflect and introspect. It is about beginning anew. It spells the renewal of the mind. And it also means a lot of goodies."

Reminiscing about her younger days, she says, "Easter and Good Friday meant a lot of baking at home. I still remember the taste and aroma of the fresh hot cross buns my mom would make for us kids. These spiced sweet buns made with currants and raisins are marked with a cross on the top. The aroma would waft through the house. Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday, the cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus."

She adds, "I also recollect that every year, when I was growing up, we kids would spend a few hours just before Easter colouring and decorating Easter eggs. We always had a lot of fun doing it. We would paint the boiled egg or make a neat hole and pour out the egg without cracking the shell. The smart kid would make a neat hole that would not crack the entire shell. Then we would wash the egg and colour it. Eggs are a symbol of new life and speak of the resurrection."

Polish delight
In 2014, when Jacqueline was shooting for the Salman Khan-starrer Kick, she celebrated Easter in Poland. The actress has vivid memories of the place. She even fasted for Lent and visited a local church on Easter. Usually, it is freezing during Christmas, but in Poland she had a experienced an icy cold Easter as well.

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