Jammed train doors due to Mumbai rains put commuters in harm's way

Jul 13, 2013, 04:10 IST | Vedika Chaubey

Travellers risk life and limb while trying to open the ill-maintained doors of the local trains during the monsoon

Several rail passengers have been complaining about the poor condition of local trains and their faulty doors that are a nuisance during the monsoons. In a few rakes while closing or opening the door, the door goes out of control sliding by itself putting passengers at risk. In Central Railway, passengers are now scared of opening or closing the door in running trains because they feel like they may fall out.

Apart from problems like leakage inside coaches, fans not working, the doors spell new problems for passengers

Sonali Devekar, who resides in Bhandup and is a regular commuter, said, “Last week I was coming back from office in the evening around 7 pm and it was raining. We tried to close the door as water was coming inside the compartment. It was so tight that even two women couldn’t shut the doors. I also got up to help but the door just slided towards us,” said Devekar.

She also said that as the train was crowded other female passengers had to pull her inside or else she could have fallen out. Many other passengers say they have experienced such problems with the doors, but the railway has not got any complaints yet. These are not the only problems plaguing commuters. When the then railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal decided to travel by train on the 16-km stretch from Tilak Nagar to CST station, he was dismayed to see the torn seat covers, broken fans and filthy floors.

“He asked us why the local trains were in such a bad condition and felt sorry for the passengers who are forced to travel in such trains. He ordered that trains be improved with immediate effect,” said a senior CR official on the condition of anonymity. Divekar Santosh Singh, another commuter, said, “I was actually shocked to see the condition of the door. While adjusting it got stuck, inconveniencing passengers trying to alight and board.” Atul Rane, chief PRO, CR, said, “We have not got any such complaints from passengers. We are still investigating the case and trying to locate the particular rake.” 

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