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Aug 09, 2015, 08:00 IST | Anu Prabhakar

A classic breakfast item, fruit spreads now get a boozy kick with home chefs experimenting on the stove to create alcohol-infused jams. We dropped in to little kitchens to bring you a round-up of the tastiest

The breakfast spread has finally grown up. A classic breakfast item, fruit spreads now get a boozy kick with home chefs experimenting on the stove to create alcohol-infused jams. We dropped in to little kitchens to bring you a round-up of the tastiest.

Peach and brandy jam
Peach and brandy jam. Pic/Nimesh Dave

Flavour: Kiwi pineapple white rum and Peach brandy
Creator: Lejion Kitchen

Goregaon home chef Radhika Mathur’s jams carry sulphur-free sugar, a sprinkle of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon (depending on the jam’s flavour) and vanilla essence. She skips vodka — “It has no flavour” — and opts for dark rum, instead. In the peach brandy jam, the sweet and tangy taste of peach goes well with the warmth of brandy, says Mathur, whose banana rum jam and whiskey marmalade are a hit with customers. Ask for customised bourbon and cognac jams. 

Radhika Mathur
Radhika Mathur

Price: Kiwi pineapple white rum (approx Rs 350 for 200 gm) and peach brandy (Rs 300 for 200 gm)
Order at: Yummade.in or
Call: 9920575682

Flavour: Orange whiskey marmalade; Banana rum; York mulled wine
Creator: The Gourmet Jar

For Delhi-based Apeksha Jain of The Gourmet Jar, adding alcohol to jam was a natural progression after having experimented with desserts and savouries. The spirit she chooses for these jams depends on the flavour of the fruit in question. The citrusy flavour of orange blends well with whiskey, for instance.

Orange whiskey marmalade. pic/tushar satam
Orange whiskey marmalade. Pic/Tushar Satam

“To the banana rum jam, I added some cinnamon and a splash of rum. Heavenly! Just a hint of alcohol enhances the flavour of both sweet and savoury foods. It lends that extra zing and lifts the flavour profile by making it a little more complex,” she explains. Jain, who uses only fresh fruit and organic ingredients says fruits are first prepped and macerated in sugar. After they release their juices, they are cooked till thick. While these jams are manufactured for Mumbai’s The Baker’s Dozen, variants are available online as well.

Apeksha Jain
Apeksha Jain

Price: Banana rum jam (Rs 300 for 250 gm); Orange whiskey marmalade (R350 for 250 gm, R400 at The Baker’s Dozen); York mulled wine (Rs 350 for 250 gm)  
Order at: thegourmetjar.com, gourmetco.in
Buy from: The Baker’s Dozen at Prabhadevi, Bandra, Kemps Corner and Food hall

Flavour: Bacon & port wine
Creator: Rhea Dalal

Blogger Rhea Dalal hates fruit. Her husband, Kurush, on the other hand, loves it and stores a huge collection of jams at their Kharghar home. It all began when Kurush showed her an online recipe for bacon jam, which left her intrigued. “I love pork.

Bacon with port wine jam
Bacon with port wine jam

I followed the basic version of the recipe before playing with ingredients,” she remembers. She added bhut jolokia chillies from Nagaland to it, the world’s hottest chilli pepper. “The jam’s basic ingredients are bacon, onion and port wine,” she explains. The jam has yet another unusual ingredient – coffee. “It ties up all the flavours neatly,” she adds.
Price: Bacon jam (R225 per 125 gm)
Order at: Tweet to @euphoRHEA

Coming soon

The Baker’s Dozen will launch two alcohol-infused jams — brandy apple and fig and orange liqueur manufactured by Martha’s Preserves — in September this year.

“In the jam, the brandy gives the apples a rich flavour which doesn’t overpower,” says Martha Kohlhagen, founder and managing director of the Bengaluru-based Martha’s Preserves. She adds that the jam is based on a traditional American recipe. Prices are yet to be announced.

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