Jannat 2 - Movie review

May 05, 2012, 07:04 IST | Shaheen Parkar

In the last few weeks there have been several releases (Vicky Donor, Hate Story, Bittoo Boss) with New Delhi as its setting, here's one more trying to capture the capital's flavour


The makers may have titled it as a sequel to their 2008 film, but it is just a case of sticking to the franchise — for familiarity sake.
At the outset itself, Emraan as the protagonist Sonu Dilli KKC (that are his degrees — Kutti Kaminee Cheez) in his heavily worked upon desi accent explains what his ‘bijnis’ is all about. He believes that “Maarna hai toh gun se maaro… gun bechtha hoo, mast rehta hoon.”
Life for this small-time arms dealer means selling the latest models of firearms, mouthing expletives and visiting red-light areas. Things go fine for him till he has ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda) tailing him to spill the beans about the big fish in his dealings. 
He feels Sonu is a crook but “dil ka accha aadmi hai” so he can be a police informer. Just when you feel things could get interesting in the film… the plot takes a turnaround to be yet another masala offering. 
Sonu’s very first encounter with the ACP lands him with a deep cut on his palm and has to be rushed for medical care. Enter Dr Jaanvi (newbie Esha Gupta) and Cupid’s arrow strikes faster than she can bandage his palm. Within minutes, they are romancing around the historical sites of Delhi, the bandage and the deep gnash go for a toss along with the plot.
The wheeling-dealings of illegal arms sellers may be intriguing as a backdrop but in the hurry to focus on the romance, too, makes both sides fall short of expectations. Emraan with his worked upon desi lingo loses steam as soon as he loses his ‘bijnis’ talk. 
Randeep as the ACP who has both a professional and personal reason to chase the arms dealers displays some moments to remember. And as there cannot be a film from the Bhatts starring Emraan without liplocks and a skinfest…. sure enough Dr Jaanvi metamorphosises into a Ms Cleavage On Display. The only connect with her profession is that she runs a free hospital and is in need of funds for which that ‘dil ka accha’ Sonu helps.
Jannat 2 could have been a gun-toting action drama with lots of thrills but except for a chase sequence in the climax there is nothing. It also appears to have loosely sought inspiration from the Nicholas Cage-starrer Lord of War (2005).
If only there were not those stereotyped baddies and that predictable twist in the tale. But alas…. the plot gives too many misfired shots which if aimed well could have made for an interesting watch.

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