Javier Mascherano shown red for kicking medical officer

Jun 13, 2013, 01:34 IST | Goal.com

Javier Mascherano has apologised for kicking a medical official in Argentina's 1-1 World Cup qualification draw against Ecuador.

The Barcelona defender earned himself a straight red card in the 86th minute after repeatedly kicking a stretcher-bearer in the back whilst he was taken to the sidelines for treatment.

Javier Mascherano
Javier Mascherano (left) argues with Ecuadorean authorities after being red-carded on Tuesday. Pic/AFP

“One must be big enough to admit it when you make a mistake. What happened is really embarrassing and it saddens me. I hope that my mistake does not tarnish the good image of the team,” Mascherano said.

“I was wrong and I apologise. I am generally not the kind of player to cause controversy and this is quite embarrassing. The stretcher was going too fast and I felt I was about to fall off. I wanted to warn him, but my reaction cannot be justified.”

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