Jayadevan requests ICC for neutral review of VJD

Jun 06, 2012, 09:35 IST | AFP

An Indian civil engineer has complained about bias within cricket's governing body after his rival method to the Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) system for rain-affected games was rejected

V Jayadevan, who invented the “VJD system” as a different way to calculate revised targets in truncated one-day and Twenty20 games, said the International Cricket Council (ICC) had failed to give his version a fair hearing.

The ICC on Friday announced it had considered Jayadevan’s method in detail but unanimously agreed to stick to the Duckworth-Lewis system as it had no obvious flaws and that VJD was not an improvement.

“That review was a very shallow and pre-meditated one,” Jayadevan wrote in a protest letter to outgoing ICC president Sharad Pawar that has been seen by AFP.

Jayadevan accused an unnamed ICC expert of being biased against his system and he called on Pawar, a fellow Indian, to seek an independent review.

“There was virtually no attempt to find out whether there were any shortcomings in the D/L system,” he wrote.

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