'Jealous Michelle spies on Obama'

May 15, 2012, 07:30 IST | Agencies

New book reveals how US First Lady orders women close to US President be watched and has shunned Oprah Winfrey because of her bond with Obama

Michelle Obama orders women close to her husband to be watched in case he cheats on her like John F Kennedy did to his wife, a new book claims.

The First Lady is supposedly ‘unusually jealous’ and has so little trust in Barack Obama that she turns up unannounced during the day to see what he is doing.

Warring women: Though publicly close, inside sources report that Michelle feels threatened by Oprah, and has tried to distance herself and her husband from the former Queen of Daytime. File pic/getty images

She also objected to her husband’s close relationship to US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey — and shunned her because she ‘hates fat people’.

In The Amateur, American author Edward Klein’s book about Obama’s first term, he claims that Michelle’s ‘obsessive’ behaviour is the talk of the White House.

Portions of the book that were released to The New York Post tells of quotes from a source close to Winfrey as saying: “Michelle is very jealous, I would say unusually so. Most people after years of marriage have trust and don’t follow their husbands around and check on them. Michelle doesn’t seem to trust Barack at all. She insists on knowing his every movement and drops in on him at all kinds of odd times.”

“Michelle makes it clear to her inner circle... that she wants women around Barack watched and wants info about who he has an eye for and gets touchy with. The thing is, she knows, like everybody, about JFK’s shenanigans, and she thinks, hey, JFK was young and good looking like my guy.”

In The Amateur Klein claims that relations between Winfrey and Michelle took a nosedive over the chat show host’s close relationship with Obama.

The book claims that in the weeks after the 2008 US election victory Obama gave Winfrey’s advice ‘priority over Michelle’s’.

Klein writes: “When she (Winfrey) phoned, he dropped everything and took her call. They huddled over strategy. Of all of Obama’s unofficial White House advisers, Oprah had unparalleled access, input, influence, and power.”

Klein quotes a White House insider who says that Michelle was ‘furious’ about her husband’s late night phone calls to Winfrey and that he should be turning to her for advice instead.


The other side
The White House did not respond for comment, however a spokesman has previously said Klein had made up stories to sell his book. “Nobody in their right mind would believe the nonsense in this one,” a spokesman said. 

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