Jennifer Lopez is a chocoholic!

Mar 09, 2014, 14:40 IST | Agencies

Jennifer Lopez, who is known for her svelte figure, claims that she consumes chocolate cookies every single day

Despite looking like she’s not been within 50 feet of junk food in decades, Jennifer Lopez recently made a claim that sounded utterly incredible — to say the least.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is not only an actress, fashion designer and producer but also a recording artist and television personality — and most importantly, a chocolate cookie lover

The actor-singer was challenged to reveal five unknown facts about herself in 20 seconds during the shooting of an American TV show — of which she’s a judge.

After much umming and arring came the big answer that Jenny from the Block actually eats junk food on a regular basis. The Latino actress-singer, who is popular for her curves, said “I eat a chocolate chip cookie almost every single day,” without batting an eyelid.

As expected, the crew on the sets gasped and thought she was kidding. But she wasn’t. She was just being matter-of-factly.

Has anyone seen Jennifer Lopez — who just announced her return to television drama after a hiatus — lately? Looking as stunning as she does while still eating cookies almost every day is just not fair.

Did anyone think she was being honest? Well, we didn’t.

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