Jobs feared daughter would be kidnapped

Jun 13, 2012, 07:04 IST | Agencies

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, had in the 1980s expressed concern that his daughter might be kidnapped in an effort to blackmail him, recently released Pentagon documents have revealed

The documents also revealed about Jobs’ drug use as a teenager as well as a previously unreported arrest in 1975 for having failed to pay a speeding ticket. The new details are included in 1988 documents processed by the Defense Investigative Service. The documents have now been obtained by the online magazine Wired through a Freedom of Information of Act request.

At the time, Jobs had applied for a Top Security clearance when he headed the computer firm Pixar. According to Wired, the documents don’t explain why Jobs had applied for a Top Security clearance in 1988, but it notes that Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs said Pixar required a security clearance because of company contracts with intelligence agencies to render information gathered by reconnaissance flights and satellites.

Scared: Steve Jobs feared that his daughter would be kidnapped for the purpose of money. File pic

As part of a standard line of questioning, investigators asked Jobs how he might be blackmailed. He replied that he had a daughter out of wedlock whom he felt might be the target of a kidnapping. “The type of blackmail or threat that could be made against me would be if someone kidnapped (her),” he said.

But he added that any blackmail attempt would ‘primarily be for the purpose of money, not because I have access to classified Top Secret material or documents’. According to the report, in his application, Jobs provided precise details about his previously reported use of LSD, marijuana and hashish during his youth.

He admitted to having smoked marijuana and also to having eaten it in cooked brownies from 1972 to 1976 about once or twice weekly. He admitted to having used hashish five times during that time frame. 

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