John Abraham: Are we living in a democracy?

Aug 26, 2013, 08:43 IST | Asira Tarannum

John talks about his conviction behind making his new film 'Madras Cafe' and more...

John Abraham has been number crunching at his Bandra office. The actor, who is currently under the weather, is keeping a close watch on how his recent release 'Madras Cafe' has been faring at the box office. While objection to the film from certain sections of the society have not gone unnoticed, John insists that all fairness was maintained while making the film a series of events leading up to the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. An excerpt:

John Abraham

How did you feel waking up to all those complimenting messages for 'Madras Cafe'?
A lot of relief, because only Shoojit and I know what we have gone through to get this final product out. From the first time I saw this film on the edit, we have been sitting and Shoojit is such a producer’s director. He is such a dream and delight. There is a lot of camaraderie between the two of us and I think that’s what has taken us to the next level. We are very transparent with each other, Shoojit is like a child, the only thing he loves is playing football and he loves running back to Kolkata to be with his kids.

Was it difficult for you to focus on acting, as you were also the producer...
Shoojit and my roles very clearly defined. He makes the film and I sell it so he doesn’t get in my way I don’t get in his way. He says, “Abhi mera kaam ho gaya tujhey jo karna tu kar.” We have blind faith in each other.

A section of the society objected to it...
We made the film honestly and it has good content. We did not take sides and we have been fair to all the parties around. I think it’s sad to not allow the release of the film. Let the people watch the movie and then decide. Are we living in a democracy? It’s actually a mockery!

What are the other projects in the pipeline...
The next home production 'Hamara Bajaj', that’s the working title...Shoojit directing it and Ayushmann starring in it. Then we have Imtiaz Ali’s younger brother Sajid Ali’s film, 'Banana'. Then Arshad Sayyed’s yet untitled film and of course the big one is by Nishikant Kamath with me in it. We have two more interesting subjects, one we have bought the rights of a Telugu film 'Mirchi' and the other is a comedy action movie called 'J 39'. So I have got my hands full.

How has the journey been from your modelling days till today?
I think it’s a journey which has happened in the minds of a lot of people from John Abraham the model to John just the body, to John the actor and now John the actor-producer. So I think I have matured in the minds of people, for me it was just the matter of time before I could come out in the open and say hey listen I can, allow me. I must give credit to the audience and the media. They have been very fair and they have been very accepting towards me.

What about marriage plans?
(With a smile) Well, we will speak about it later...

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