John Lennon's song 'Imagine' now in a comic strip

May 31, 2014, 08:00 IST | Fiona Fernandez

In an email interview with Fiona Fernandez, Pablo Stanley, the San Diego-based creator of the comic strip, Imagine pays tribute to John Lennon’s iconic song 

Q. What inspired you to create this comic strip? Are you a John Lennon fan?
A. I've been a Beatles and John Lennon fan since I was a kid. Imagine has always been one of my favourite songs. Its message is simple and in a way utopian but still beautiful.

John Lennon's Imagine

Q. What were some of the challenges while creating a comic strip, especially since it was about one of the biggest cult songs of all time?
A. The biggest challenge was to put big ideas in small doodles. How can you simplify something so complex as hunger, war, hate and break it down in a way anyone can read? I used themes that anyone can relate to; good and evil, peace and war; and depict it in the most human way
possible. I used some of my idols in the comic too. People who have fought for equality, human rights, non-violence, and a better world. All of this was done to make the comic what the song was meant to be — a worldwide call for love and empathy.

Q. Are you tempted to create comic strips based on other iconic songs as well?
A. I have already started doing so and I intend to continue. You can see comics from the songs Yesterday by the Beatles, Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, Do You Realize by Flaming Lips and Last Caress by Misfits.

Did you know?
>> Pablo Stanley has been part of different bands that covered Punk Rock and Electro Rock. He currently DJs under the name Pablo Stanley and produces under the name Hustlehoff.

>> He has own clothing brand Stanley+Colors

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