'Jones and I have the largest heads in human kind'

May 11, 2012, 08:33 IST | Janhavi Samant

Actor Josh Brolin talks about stepping into Tommy Lee Jones shoes as Agent K in 'Men In Black 3'

According to Men In Black director Barry Sonenfeld, it was the size of actor Josh Brolin’s head that worked in his favour during casting. Apparently the No Country for Old Men and Old Boy actor, who plays the role of the younger Tommy Lee Jones in the upcoming Men In Black 3, has a head as physically large as Jones.

“According to Barry, Jones and I have the largest heads in human kind. Really, that was how it happened. And he told me, ‘I can’t wait to see your head in the film’,” laughs the actor.

Sources who have seen the film have commented on the uncanny resemblance between the two actors. “Yeah, it is strange. But I worked hard on K’s character. I have acted with Jones before (Valley of Elah, No Country for Old Men) and I can tell you it wasn’t easy. I have almost memorised Men In Black. I was talking to myself all the time; it was quite crazy.”

And what about the chemistry? The Tommy Lee Jones-Will Smith pairing must have been a hard act to follow. “They share a great chemistry on-screen and off-screen and it was not pretence. They are really fond of each other.

It’s easy to find chemistry but there needs to be a rhythm. I wondered how I would get along with Will. But then I decided that I just would be open and reactive and follow the leads. And it worked out pretty fine. I have worked with guys I don’t like. I must say that I didn’t have to pretend at the chemistry at all. I really like Will and Jones. It would have gotten really difficult if I didn’t,” he adds.

Apart from the applause for his role, Brolin is also looking forward to producing stuff and of course, better films. “I like the variety part of it. But I have done so many films that were just terrible. I was like flirting with disaster.

I watch Godfather; I watch Pacino and Brando and I tell myself that that’s the kind of film to be associated. I have realised that I like being in good films and that’s what I am going to do, the kind of roles that make me uncomfortable. I like being uncomfortable, at least professionally,” he signs off. 

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