Joseph Gordon-Levitt on becoming Bruce Willis

Oct 02, 2012, 09:02 IST | Shakti Shetty

'The Dark Knight Rises' actor sits through hours of make-up to look like the 'Die Hard' star for his upcoming film 'Looper'

Versatility comes naturally to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No wonder the Hollywood actor has had a good year till date with releases like The Dark Knight Rises and Premium Rush. But for his forthcoming film, his face had to become more than just versatile!

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

For the sci-fi thriller dealing with time travel, Gordon-Levitt had to look like the younger version of Bruce Willis who also stars in the film. And to add to the Inception actor’s ordeal, he had to sit through make-up for long hours to get into the look. And this wasn’t it. He also had to keenly study Willis’ personality traits to copy his voice and gestures.

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt with the mould

A source associated with the film is all praise for Gordon-Levitt, “It’s not easy to sit day in and day out with heavy make-up on your face, let alone act, but Joseph was a thorough professional. At times, the sessions would get prolonged because you can’t take chances with the minutest of details.” The 30-year-old actor sums up, “I’m in a happy phase and it’s good to know that hard work matters. My risks have paid off and it boosts my confidence as an actor.” 

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