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Feb 09, 2012, 07:40 IST | Meeta Ramnani

The Guide chatted up with self-help author Brandon Bays, who is in town to launch her latest book, The Journey

The Guide chatted up with self-help author Brandon Bays, who is in town to launch her latest book, The Journey

It is almost impossible to imagine one's life without worry, fear, stress and depression thanks to the urban lifestyle we lead today. Considering the number of self-help books available on the shelves at bookstores, we ask Brandon Bays how her book, The Journey, is different from the rest.

Brandon Bays, author of The Journey, will be touring India
hosting workshops on non-medicinal healing

"At the deepest level, we have access to an innate greatness, an infinitely healing and liberating force that can orchestrate our lives perfectly and magnificently. The difficulty most of us experience is in accessing that greatness and living everyday with an awareness of it," says Bays.

Her book tells the story of her recovery from a basketball-sized tumor in her abdomen without medicine or surgery. "At the age of 39, even though I was doing everything 'right', I was diagnosed with serious health issues which could have been fatal.

The Journey is an account of how Bays healed herself from a

This proved to be my wake-up call  to get real and uncover the hurt and trauma which unconsciously restricted me from living as an expression of my true essence," reveals Bays.  The author claims to have regained a healthy body and mind after six and a half weeks of introspection when she let go of the emotional hang-ups from her past.

Inspired by her own recovery, she now travels around the world to share her message of forgiveness, introspection and release of pent-up emotions, fears, and traumatic experiences to restore a healthier body and mind. 

"The Journey is for anyone who realises that there must be more to life than just mere existence. It is for those who search for deeper answers to the questions and challenges of life and want to explore life with its infinite potential, purpose and fulfillment," says Bays, who will be conducting The Journey Intensive workshops across India from February 10 to March 4. The workshop will be conducted in Pune on Sunday, February 12, at The O Hotel, Koregaon Park. 

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