65 journeys of the mind

Feb 08, 2013, 01:05 IST | Soma Das

The many states of the mind is the main focus of advertising professional-turned-artist, Sandeep Bomble's 505 sq ft artwork, the centrepiece of his travelling exhibition, Mindscape. Soma Das delves deeper into the artist's mind, who used 65 canvases to make the artwork

Adman-turned-artist Sandeep Bomble’s Mindscape series of exhibitions are inspired by his flights of fancy and mental escapades where he ponders on nature. His latest exhibition Mindscape 6 has been to Chennai and is now on display in the city. The highlight is a mammoth painting that spans 505 sq ft, and was painted at a stretch. It’s made up of 65 canvases.

The 505 sq ft artwork

Canvas of history
Recalling how the idea for the huge canvas emerged, Bomble says, “When I visited the Berlin Wall, I brought back a piece as a souvenir. Each time I looked at it I imagined the wall as a whole. This inspired me to create a larger-than-life canvas from which people could take home their favourite slice of the journey and still be a part of the largest Mindscape.”

The series became possible, thanks to a trip to Kodaikanal. While Bomble and his wife were passing through the ghats in a valley, they spotted a miniature cloud settled amid this green valley. “It appeared lost, as it tried to find its way out. This unforgettable image resonated and found expression in a painting that was my first to have led to a series of Mindscape,” he reminisces.

Sandeep Bomble

Mindscape 6 — Journey Under The Sky is about observing the little things. “It is not about realistic images but about rapturous and abstract forms of colours. Every mood, shade and story from nature forms a part of this ‘journey under the sky’, according to the artist.

Bomble works in diverse mediums from oil paints, acrylics and crayons to canvases and trowels. “Trowels give my work a distinguished look and texture that has become my trademark. I would like to explore Mumbai’s roads, paths and colours from nature in Mindscape,” he says.

Mind the message
When we ask whether there is a message behind his art, he’s roots for it being a tool for positivity. “I wanted to tell people that it’s a happy life. Nature gives you all kinds of good things to see; there is beauty even in the way that sunlight hits a slushy puddle. I want to present nature to people and help them see it through my eyes so they are able to enjoy it, without viewing it merely as abstract art,” he summarises.

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