Juggling two worlds through art

Oct 20, 2014, 07:42 IST | Juili Eklahare

Three questions with artist, M Narayan

Q. Tell us about your journey as an artist.
A. I was born and brought up in a village and paintings have been on my mind since childhood. I love to paint pictures, especially free hand. Painting is my passion and I have completed six years as an artist.

An artwork by M Narayan
An artwork by M Narayan

Q. What has your experience as a painter taught you?
A. In my six year career, I developed my own brush strokes and improved my way of looking at pictures. My watercolour, charcoal and mix media on paper art is liked for its unique visual expression and harmonious interplay of colours.

M Narayan
M Narayan. Artist

Q. Tell us a little about your paintings and work. What are your future plans?
A. My work depicts a zestful life. I like to exhibit a rare lavishness of colour tones and a tonal resonance. I incorporate two distinct visual arenas in my work: on the one hand there are images of rustic people in remote areas of Karnataka and on the other hand, I also depict the contrasting world of polo players that is the domain of the privileged in urban India. I look forward to painting more village paintings.

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