Juhi Chawla is the perfect mom

Mar 14, 2013, 23:54 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Being the perfect mother is not an easy job, especially when you have two kids to handle.

The extreme academic pressure on today’s kids leave mothers worried about how to give their children the right upbringing. But actor Juhi Chawla seems to have mastered the art quite well, creating the perfect balance between being a strict as well as a lenient mother. In a free-wheeling chat, Juhi tells CS how she goes about making sure that her children have the right lifestyle:

Juhi Chawla
Who: Juhi Chawla
What: On handling her kids
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Vouching for a balanced diet
I don’t believe in dieting and all. I think having a healthy balanced diet is very important. Of course, I indulge in high-calorie food once in a while, but that’s okay. And so, even when my children want to have noodles and burgers at times, I let them have it. But that doesn’t mean they can go overboard with it. I try to include fruits and veggies in their diet. I believe that the complete meal of dal, rice, roti subzi and salad is the perfect food for everyone. I grew up on my mother’s yummy food and I certainly miss having the typical homemade Punjabi cuisine.

Me, the lenient mother
There are times when I have to impose certain rules on my children because my husband tends to be easy with them. But I can’t hold on to the strict image of mine for too long. I end up giggling along with them when they play pranks like scaring me with fake insects or something. Mostly, my son Arjun is into such naughty ideas, my daughter Jhanvi is the quieter one. I am more of a friend to them and I love the bond that we share.

Understanding their woes
I don’t even expect them to be great at studies or be bookworms; I wasn’t. I think playing outdoors is very important and I totally encourage my kids to do that. Although Jhanvi is more into studies, Arjun likes playing outside. I remember enjoying playing hide and seek and blind man’s bluff with my friends as a kid. I grew up in a posh locality in Cuffe Parade, but that didn’t stop me from being like any other kid. So, I can understand how my daughter and son must feel. But today, the academic pressure on kids is too much and it has become really difficult for them to take time out for sports.

Growing up too fast
One thing that concerns me is the fact that kids today are growing too fast. There’s an information overload and children are getting to know things too fast in all the wrong ways. I try to make sure that doesn’t happen with my children.

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