Juhu cops cannot identify 'nameless' killer, his victim

Jul 24, 2013, 01:27 IST | Shiva Devnath

Cops say accused arrested for yesterday's murder is a madman who does not know the victim's or his own name; witness says killer and deceased stayed together under a bridge

The Juhu police are having to think hard over their next step after arresting a young man for murdering his acquaintance. The crime, perpetrated in dark morning hours of Tuesday below Rajeev Gandhi Udyan Bridge, was allegedly committed by a mentally challenged youth. The killer knows neither the victim’s nor his own name, which has left the Juhu police scratching their heads.

Incidentally, after the murder, the accused sat beside the body and cursed it continuously for half an hour. A beggar who stays in the area witnessed the entire incident and informed the cops, becoming the complainant in the case.

A Juhu police official said, “This is the first such case in which we are not sure about the identity of the killer or the deceased. We got a hint about the accused’s identity almost ten hours ago, but it is not confirmed.”

Police speculate that a quarrel erupted between the two over some issue, leading the accused to kill the man, who cops said was 26 years old. “But till now we have not been able to verify their identities.”

According to witness Nisar Sayyed’s statement to Juhu police, he was passing by the bridge when he saw the accused strangulating the victim, and after finishing him off, he kept abusing the corpse for 30 minutes. Sayyed then narrated what he saw to the police. He also said the accused was mentally ill and had been staying below the bridge with the victim for the past few months.

During investigations, Juhu police was able to establish that the accused had relatives in the locality. Cops went to question the kin, who identified him as 24-year-old Murshid Alam from Bihar. But there is no confirmation on this.

Requesting anonymity the investigating officer said, “We are puzzled over what to do in this case. We are not sure about the identity of the accused and we did not get any proof of his name. Moreover, the deceased’s identity has also not come out. When we brought the accused to the station, he stopped talking completely.”

He added, “He is mentally challenged. He does not know even his own name. His relatives, who stay in the same locality, gave us a name, but they are not very sure.”

“On the basis of primary information, we booked the accused for murder. We are seeking advice from doctors about his mental health status. It is the first murder case where we do not know the killer or the deceased’s names,” the officer said. 

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