Juhu raid raises more questions than answers

May 25, 2012, 08:11 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The Big Juhu Rave Party', they said. '100 grams of cocaine seized. The possibility of a prostitution ring being involved.' Putting aside the ridiculous nature of some of these allegations, we are left, days after that raid, with more questions than answers

Let’s start with the media circus. The invitations, as it were, from the Mumbai Police to television and print before the raid was set to happen. Publicity may be a good thing, a morale booster when there’s something good being accomplished — the solving of a murder, say, or busting of a gang of counterfeiters. When it comes to demeaning people who are simply trying to have a nice night out, however, this need for publicity needs to be looked at with a little more cynicism.

Then there’s the unnecessarily demeaning manner in which attendees were treated after being picked up. The cramming together in vans, parading at hospitals, searches, inefficient manner of data gathering — what exactly did it manage to accomplish?

What most of us are aware of is the fact that the laws governing how we are supposed to live our lives in Mumbai 2012 have been written in 1963. There have been no amendments that take into account our standing as a global city where tourists or working professionals simply don’t see the need to purchase a permit before stepping out for a drink!

We are, by now, reconciled to a certain amount of moral policing. We understand that the powers that be simply have no idea of what their priorities ought to be, hence the need to pry into every aspect of our private lives. At some point though, we need to reach a consensus on how much is too much. When will the government realise that we are adults with minds of our own?

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