Juhu's Copa offers prompt service and creative ambience

Oct 21, 2013, 09:25 IST | Ruchika Kher

True to its name, Juhu's newest hotspot Copa (Spanish: glass) offers an array of options for guzzlers and teetotallers alike with a heady ambiance to compliment it, but its snack menu needs a shake-up

With a prime location, conspicuous signage and, a famous landmark (Juhu Gymkhana), locating Copa was a piece of cake. When we entered the week-old bar and lounge, we were surprised to notice the space, that exceeded our expectations. The interiors are divided into three sections — indoor, outdoor and an al fresco bar zone that grabbed the eye for its wooden swings (with a wooden plank, covering up as a table). We couldn’t but begin to imagine the swinging time that patrons would enjoy, tipple in hand!

The al fresco section of Copa
The al fresco section of Copa has an interesting concept of wooden swings suspended by thick, white ropes. Pics/Satyajit Desai.

Since, we didn’t want to be too adventurous, we decided to enjoy the music and instead, opted for a table inside. The menu scan revealed that Copa is keen to promote itself as a watering hole with a moderate looking nibble section. From apple pie infused tea, to a ginger-spiked apple and even the humble coconut water, Copa promises a lot in the drinks section.

Experimental wasn’t our poison that night; so we stuck to the basics and ordered for a Mojito (Rs 375) and a Fresh Lime Soda (Rs 99) — the perils of having a teetotaler for company! To add a spicy zing to the proceedings, we asked for a Chicken Wings Platter (Rs 220).

Chicken Wings Platter
Chicken Wings Platter was a tasty moderately-spiced option

We’ve always found the honesty that owners of new ventures display most endearing; we experienced the same at Copa as well. The owner walked up to our table, introduced himself and apologised in advance for any delays with mentions like, “We are still trying to overcome our teething issues, so please bear with us.”

Crispy Chicken with Pepper
Crispy Chicken with Pepper could have done better

The result of this conversation was a complimentary Paneer with Rum and Vodka by the chef, as a tasting option. And while we were at it, our drinks and starter were served. The Mojito with its white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and mint managed to drive home the point that while their focus will be on their more expensive and exclusive cocktails, people of simple tastes won’t be disappointed as well. The Fresh Lime Soda was a refreshing drink that helped
on a hot, humid evening. Sipping on our respective drinks, we dug into the moderately spicy Chicken Wings. It was a pleasant start.

The Mojito
The Mojito was a well-concocted drink

For mains, we ordered a Crispy Chicken and Pepper Sandwich (Rs 190) along with Vegetarian Haute Saute (Rs 180). Copa’s service was prompt throughout. However, this time, the gastronomic experience wasn’t palatable. Although, the chicken in the sandwich was crispy, as promised, the preparation was not as flavoursome as we expected it to be. The addition of cheese and corn failed to add an edge as well. Maybe, a tangy sauce or a whipping of balanced spices would have done the trick. The vegetarian dish was a total turn-off. In the name of vegetables, all that we were served was chunks of capsicum and few carrots strips.

Overall, we wish that Copa’s food menu received the same attention to detail, like its well-spun spirits and groovy ambiance. Then again, we’ll play gentle critic and take the owner’s word about “teething issues.”

Copa didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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