Juhu's Villa 69 is a villa full of feasts

Jan 29, 2014, 10:05 IST | Ruchika Kher

With an expansive space, scrumptious food and an aesthetic decor, the newly-opened Villa 69 is sure to create a strong footing for itself in the bustling Juhu area

Villa 69
Food: Yummy
Service: Prompt
Ambiance: Mixed bag

We have to admit that Villa 69’s location in Juhu never attracted us. The reason being that its older occupant, The Rude Lounge, hardly seemed to be inviting and never witnessed a visit from us. But, things changed when we crossed the new restaurant with a designer store-like façade with its white walls and glass entrance.

Crackling Chicken is a great starter option

As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, we were overwhelmed with the décor, extensive use of mirrors, glitzy installations and paintings. The restaurant is divided into four sections — a lounge area, a casual all-day café section, a dining place and an al fresco bar space. We found comfort in the dining space and perched ourselves,
quickly browsing through the menu. The multi-cuisine menu offered a range of choices, including deli items and desserts.

Spinach Stuffed Olive Cannelloni is a must-have

We opted for Crackling Chicken (Rs325), Ramen Noodle Soup (Rs 295) and Spinach Stuffed Olive Cannelloni (Rs 275) to begin with. While we waited for our food, we inspected the other sections and were impressed with elements like the use of cupid poses on the café wall, eclectic LED light options in the lounge area and an open green outdoor section, decorated with the presence of a silver horse installation.

The all-day café section of Villa 69 spreads love through a range of cupid poses depicted on the walls. Pics/ Shadab Khan 

When our food made its way to our table, we were pleased with the generous portions of the chicken and the soup. However, the presence of just four cannellonis was a sight that did not go down too well. Still, with glistening forks in our hands, it was time we attacked the chicken. The crispy chicken chunks, sprinkled with sesame emanated a spicy flavour — a palatable option. The cannellonis, on the other hand, filled with spinach and corn won our hearts (making us all the more hot and bothered about the meagre portions). The soup, with its vast amount of veggies ranging from aubergine, mushrooms, baby corns, leafy elements and more, was perfect with its subtle flavours.

Mushroom and Black Pepper Chicken was succulent

Not willing to stop at just this, we called for Mushroom and Black Pepper Chicken (Rs 525) and a simple Margherita Pizza (Rs 375). This order was served quick as well and before we could give rest to our tummies, food was on our tables. The thin-crust pizza completely satiated our pizza craving with a smidgen of fresh herbs on top of melted mozzarella, cushioned by a freshly-doughed pizza base. Needless to say, the chicken breasts with thick black pepper sauce and a dash of mushrooms rounded off things on a scrumptious note. On the whole, don’t shy away from dining at , even if it pinches your pocket a bit (which it will!).

Villa 69

At Plot no 30, JM Road, next to JVPD bus depot, Juhu. Call 65969669

Villa 69 didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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