Juice centre starts self-service to deter illegal parking

May 07, 2012, 08:58 IST | Urvashi Seth

MiD DAY had reported how social service branch ACP Vasant Dhoble was recently caught on camera threatening the Vile Parle outlet's staff with a hockey stick

An alleged attack by Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble, brandishing a hockey stick, has forced Vile Parle’s Amar Juice Centre to make certain changes.

The outlet has decided to start self-service for patrons to discourage illegal parking in the area.

Forced changes: After being attacked by (above) ACP Vasant Dhoble, owner of Amar Juice Centre has decided to  start self-service for patrons to discourage illegal parking in the area. File pics

On Friday, MiD DAY had reported (‘Bar-raider’ cop attacks juice centre with hockey stick) how the social service branch ACP was caught on camera while threatening the juice centre staff.

Soon after this, cops have reportedly booked the shop twice for running business on the roads and for which some employees were picked up and taken to the nearest police station.

Not in good books
“In the last two days we were booked twice for illegally running the trade on the streets. What can we do if customers park their vehicles on the road? I cannot ask them to move, as it is a public road. To make sure that they do not park their cars for long, we used to send our waiters to their vehicles so that we could finish up with the orders soon and the customer can leave at the earliest. But looking at the harassment that we have had to face, we have decided to start self-service. People will have to place their orders at the counter and will have to pick up their food on their own,” said Tushar Joshi, owner of Amar Juice Centre.

Joshi alleged that a police van is stationed near their establishment and cops are on the lookout for a minor slip-up on their part to take action.

“I know things will be inconvenient for customers, but we are left with no choice,” Joshi added. 

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