Juinagar railway colony residents get dirty water to drink

Jun 12, 2013, 23:42 IST | Richa Pinto

Occupants of the 28 buildings complain of receiving contaminated water for over two months now, claim leakage in sewer line is allowing dirty water to seep into the pipeline that supplies potable water

The occupants of the railway employee colony in Juinagar are a worried lot. Apart from residing in dilapidated buildings, one of the several problems they deal with on a daily-basis, the residents are now facing water crisis as they claimed that the drinking water they are receiving is contaminated. This they said is happening because of a leakage in the sewer line, due to which dirty water is seeping into the pipeline carrying potable water and contaminating it. 

Unhealthy: A young child washes her hands with the contaminated water. Pic/Abhinav Kocharekar

The most worried are the parents of the school-going children, who believe that the consumption of dirty water will make children fall sick and force them to miss the school at the start of the new academic year. Located in Sector 28, the colony comprises 28 buildings. The residents said they have been facing water issues for about two to three months now. 

Some of them even claimed that the water they receive in the mornings is yellow in colour, forcing them to buy bottled water for drinking purposes. Manisha Das, mother of a six-year-old, said, “The water from the sewage pipe seems to getting mixed with drinking water, thus making it unfit for consumption. At times when the water appears to be fit for drinking, I boil it several times to be extra sure. 

But this repeated boiling has upped my gas usage. I have now asked my husband to install a water filter.” Mohammad Azim (18) claimed he could not appear for his class XI exam, as he took to bed after drinking the contaminated water.

“Since I couldn’t appear for the exam, my year got wasted. So I decided to appear for Class XII exam privately.” Though the residents are facing myriad problems like hanging electrical wires and stagnant pools of water on the premises that have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, Manoj Sahu, a technician with the railways, said unavailability of clean water for consumption purposes was the major worry.

Currently, volunteers of Aam Adami Party’s Navi Mumbai unit are helping the residents to put forth their problems before the railway officials, but claimed that officials were paying little heed to their grievances. Divisional railway manager for CR Mukesh Nigam said, “A team of officers recently inspected the colony and necessary action will be initiated soon.” 

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