Julie Delpy talks about realistic sex scenes in 'Before Midnight'

Apr 22, 2013, 02:10 IST | ANI

Actress Julie Delpy has revealed that she was committed to making her new film, "Before Midnight," as authentic as possible, including realistic sex scenes.

She said she finds films where people have sex with a bra on very unrealistic. “I don''t think I''ve ever had sex with a bra on in my life, except maybe once," Delpy told GQ''s Lauren Bans in an interview published April 19th.

She admitted that showing her body that much was a big deal for her as she’s never done it before, despite being a French actress. “This movie isn''t fantasy. This is a film for people who can handle a pair of tits," she added.

Delpy portrays Celine in "Before Midnight," one half of a married couple vacationing with their two children in Greece -- her other half being Jesse, played by Ethan Hawke.

She added that getting nude for "Before Midnight" meant exposing a 40-year-old body that hadn''t seen any artificial alterations to the world.

"I''m a real person, so it''s a statement to say, ''Alright, I''m a forty-year-old woman, and this is what you get with no plastic surgery. Not even plucking my eyebrows,''" she said. 

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