Just out of jealousy...

May 19, 2016, 08:32 IST | Agencies

While a Saudi woman burned her home after husband went to second honeymoon, another was divorced for texting her friends on wedding night

Not in for seconds
Dubai: A mother of six in Saudi Arabia has burnt her house after learning that her husband had gone abroad for a second honeymoon.

The woman, who has been married for 10 years, was shocked to receive a text message from her husband, that he married a second wife and was travelling abroad with her for their honeymoon. In a fit of rage, she set her home in Jazan port city on fire.

However, when she saw the house being engulfed by the blaze, she raised an alarm for assistance from her neighbours. The inferno was doused by the fire brigade. A fire official said that one child, reportedly aged five, was harmed in the blaze.

‘Too much’ texting
DUBAI: A Saudi man divorced his bride shortly after they tied the knot because she was too busy texting her friends instead of having sex.

“Following the marriage ceremony, the groom took his bride to the hotel where they had booked a room,” a relative said. “However, as soon as the bride was in the room, she kept using her mobile. Her groom tried to get intimate with her, but he was shocked when she ignored him.”

The relative continued: “When he asked her about the reasons, she answered she was too busy texting her friends. When he asked if her friends were more important than him, the bride answered that they were.”

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