Justin Bieber is an as*****, says Jon Bon Jovi

May 23, 2013, 02:42 IST | ANI

Jon Bon Jovi has warned Justin Bieber that he risks being branded as an as***** for his disappointing behaviour earlier this spring.

In March, Bieber was booed after he turned up nearly two hours late for his London O2 Arena concert.  Bon Jovi told the London Evening Standard that every generation has people doing that and none of that is new.

Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi

The 51-year-old rockstar said that these people run the risk of disrespecting their fans who have worked hard to pay for their ticket, to permit them to take two or three hours of their lives — or in Bieber’s case, 80 minutes of their lives.

He asserted that if done once, it can be forgiven but do it enough times and the fans won’t have you back, the New York Post reported.

Jon Bon Jovi added that then it just becomes a cliche and its really not cool. 

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