Kailash Kher's music is mediocre: Mukesh Bhatt

Mar 01, 2014, 12:47 IST | Bharati Dubey

Mukesh Bhatt reacts to the singer's accusations about his label's alleged refusal to pay royalty 

Producer Mukesh Bhatt is a livid man. Upset over Kailash Kher’s recent allegations — where the singer and music composer accused Bhatts’ music banner of not giving singers any royalty — the filmmaker says, “Kailash Kher is a liar and we find his music to be mediocre.

Mukesh Bhatt and Kailash Kher
Mukesh Bhatt and Kailash Kher

That is the reason why we replaced him with another music director for the film, Citylights. Jeet Ganguly has composed some brilliant music for us in the past and now we have asked him to compose for this film too.''

Bhatt adds that Kailash couldn’t bear rejection and tried to pin the blame on the filmmakers. “The songs composed by Jeet are light years ahead of what Kailash had made us hear,” he says.

Director Hansal Mehta too appears miffed with the singer. He says, “Kailash has misrepresented facts and he makes us look like a bunch of exploitative filmmakers, which is not true at all.''

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