Kalina Forensic lab refuses DNA test on corpse claiming it 'stinks'

May 29, 2016, 09:40 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

Forensic Science Laboratory in Kalina refuses to conduct DNA test on corpse’s femur, only because it stinks

It may sound a bit unrealistic, but the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Kalina has refused to accept a femur bone for conducting a DNA examination only on the grounds that it was “stinking”. The decomposed human bone is now rotting at the Worli police station.

The coffin bearing Melwin Fernandes’ body is dug out at the Worli cemetery
The coffin bearing Melwin Fernandes’ body is dug out at the Worli cemetery

The bone belongs to Melwin Fernandes, who allegedly committed suicide in the US, nine months ago. His body was buried at the Worli cemetery soon after. But, the body was exhumed last week after the family had alleged that the corpse had been moved from the graveyard. They demanded that a DNA test be conducted on it.

The autopsy was first conducted at Nair Hospital. “We had removed the hair samples, tooth and femur bone to conduct the DNA examination and as per the procedure had cleaned the bones before sending the same to the police, in a sealed cover. The police was asked to handover the cover to the FSL,” a forensic surgeon said.

“On Thursday, a police constable from Worli police station visited the FSL laboratory, Kalina and submitted the samples. However, he was surprised when the concerned staff at the dispatch accepted only the hair and tooth samples, but refused to accept the bones. He told the police constable that it was not cleaned properly and that the sample was stinking badly,” the forensic surgeon added.

“If the laboratory scientists cannot bear the stench, they should shut the FSL,” the surgeon added.

When contacted, a police officer from Worli Police station said, “We will approach the FSL again next week and will request them to get their remarks in writing.”

A senior scientist at the FSL Kalina, said, “I will inquire with the concerned staff.”

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