Kangana Ranaut: I take it as a compliment

May 26, 2016, 08:47 IST | The Hitlist Team

Overwhelmed by legal woes, Kangana Ranaut certainly needs someone to make her laugh. The actress says she is amused by Irrfan's digs at her and hopes to work with him soon

Overwhelmed by legal woes, Kangana Ranaut certainly needs someone to make her laugh. And Irrfan is doing just that. She is well aware that the actor, of late, has been missing no opportunity to take potshots at her. Known for his acerbic wit, Irrfan has been subtly teasing the actress with comments on the pre-requisites of working with her.

Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan
Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan

At a recent special screening of Marathi film 'Sairat', Irrfan could not stop himself from delivering another jibe. He said, "Kangana is a legendary actress. It would be less fun to work with her in a film if her role is small."

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However, far from being perturbed, Kangs is having a hearty laugh and thinks Irrfan is the most funny guy around. Reacting to his latest statement, the actress says, "Whatever he says, I take as a huge compliment. We have been friends for so long. I won't misunderstand what he's saying. I get his humour and I hope other people do too."

She adds, "Whenever we meet, he tells me: 'Ek myaan me do talwaar nahin reh sakte (two swords can't stay in one sheath)'. Imagine that coming from a fine actor like him."

There was speculation that Kangana would feature in Sai Kabir's Divine Lovers opposite Irrfan — she had worked with the director in Revolver Rani (2014). However, at an event earlier this month, when Irrfan was asked why the actress bowed out of the project, Irrfan had said, "Kangana has gone beyond reach. I think I will work with her only if I wish to be a heroine. If I get a script in which she plays the hero and I am the heroine, only then will I do it."

The actor was referring to Kangana's claim that there are three heroes in her upcoming film, Rangoon — Kangana herself, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. With the actress desiring to be the hero of her films and demanding to be paid on par with the guys, Irrfan could only see himself playing the heroine's part in a film with her.

The actress, though, says she can't wait to team up with Irrfan. "The film ('Divine Lovers') that we were supposed to do together didn't work out for some other reason. I look forward to work with him. I hope I get an opportunity to do so soon," she says. Now, let's see what the actor has to say to Kangs' sporting spirit.

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